Spot On Portable Target Trainer & Rebound Net Set


A new two-in-one target set. Here we have the Spot On Target Trainer, which is a highly portable progressive coaching aid, giving you a teaching target for throwing and striking skills.

The frame is fast to set up, and the Spot On 'net' fits easily over it. Use it with or without spots for colour-coded targets, and place on court to suit your coaching emphasis.

Visible over the Mini Tennis net height, and the Spot On net slides down the side poles to lower the targets for younger age groups.

With this set, you also get a Mini Rebound Net. There's a line across the net to indicate Mini Tennis Net height, the Mini Rebound Net works brilliantly with Mini Tennis Balls, and is an excellent coaching aid for Mini Tennis classes - the rebound pace is designed for Mini Tennis players - or extra practice at home.

The entire kit folds up into a small bundle, packed in a small Zsignet carry bag.

What could be easier, or more flexible?

Consists of:

  • Trainer frame
  • Spot On Target with detachable spots
  • Spot On Mini Rebound Net
  • Carry Bag

Made in the UK, by Zsig.

Size: Height 150cm x Width 106cm x Base Legs 93cm