Mini Tennis | Red Stage | 21in Racket


Mini Tennis Racket 21 inch

  • Recommended for LTA Red Stage Mini Tennis coaching programme, ITF Stage 3
  • Weighs 200g strung
  • O-beam construction aluminium frame
  • Sold without headcover

Colourful, well-balanced 21 inch Zsig Mini Tennis Racket in top quality aluminium.

O-beam construction, and weighing approximately 210g strung.

For Red Stage coaching, use with sponge balls, such as our Matchplay 8cm, or low energy, slower-paced teaching tennis balls such as the Slocoach Big Red.

Both Zsig's 19 and 21 inch rackets are designed for the LTA's Red Stage Mini Tennis (ITF Stage 3 Mini Tennis). Choose the 21 inch racket for 5-8 year-old players, and the 19 inch Mini Tennis racket for younger children.

A 21 inch Mini Tennis racket is also the ideal size for any adult Mini Tennis - you don't want to be swinging a full size racket on a small size court.  Urban Tennis / touchtennis use a 21 inch racket for fast play with a dense, fast-paced foam ball.

'Silver' Tennis clubs usually choose our Advance foam ball, which gives a higher bounce than the Matchplay 8cm