Mini Tennis | Family Pack of 4 Rackets


DISCOUNT 10% off single racket price, plus a free drawstring racket bag.
  • 4 x 21 inch Mini Tennis Rackets (Red)
  • and a very handy drawstring bag to keep them in

What do you do while you're waiting for the barbie to light?  Get out the Zsignet and Mini Rackets, of course....earn those beers.

And what's the best way of getting the kids hitting tennis balls over a net?  Or being active generally, for that matter?

Playing and practising with them. Encouraging. Making it fun.

Which you can do in your back garden with the right kit, dead easily.

And that's why we've put together a set of four quality Mini Tennis Rackets, in a handy drawstring bag.

Perfect for stashing in the boot of your car alongside your Zsignet and taking on holiday, too. 

Four 21 inch rackets. You don't want to be taking huge racket swings unless you've got an actual tennis court in your garden, and adults will be surprised how effective these Mini Tennis rackets are - the standard size for Touchtennis, too (fast-paced play for adults on a Mini Tennis sized court). 

Choose Matchplay foam balls, or Advance foam balls - good bounce, but not going to break windows.

For the fastest play, (such as Touchtennis) choose the Attack! foam ball.