Mini Tennis | Early Years Zsignet 6 | 1.8m Net


*New Rainbow netting on limited edition run!

Our dinky little Zsignet for Early Years Mini Tennis is designed for use in nurseries and kindergartens, and Early Years starter tennis and multisport programmes.

It has all the features of regular Zsignets, but is just 184 cms in length (six feet), 66cms tall - and weighs just 3kg.

It's also exceptionally easy to put up, take down, and carry around. Folds up into a neat little bundle, which packs away into its own carry bag.

For teaching early skills, use with Zsig's Balloon Balls, or an ordinary balloon, and progress to Mini Tennis rackets and Mini Tennis sponge or foam balls.

Check out these features:

  • Weather-proofed, silver zinc-plated steel
  • Unique sturdy, patented-design shoulder joints for stability
  • UV-resistant headband
  • Top-quality, knotless netting
  • Zsig's customised toughened bungee cord holding all frame pieces together
  • Length 1.84m
  • Height 66cm
  • UK-made by Zsig

Speedy repairs, reconditioning and replacement parts available on all Zsignets! We collect & return, usually in a couple of days. Contact Zsig.

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