Easy Hitting Station


A unique, compact and portable system for Early Years & Inclusive teaching, which enables coaches to teach first striking skills without the need for either coach or player to toss the ball. 

Or the need for a moving ball at all. The learner's first steps are with a static ball, suspended at exactly the right height - so all focus can be on making a connection between racket (or hand) and ball.

The Hitting Station consists of a speciallly designed 2m mini net frame and net which hosts two 'helicopters', all of which fold away easily into one carry bag. The helicopter cradles can accommodate standard and oversized balls - such as our SLOcoach Big Red - as well as sponge balls.

Once the system is set up with three balls in place, the helicopter can be rotated so that the learner has three hitting attempts without needing to change position. Once all three balls have been fired, the learner can move round to the other side of the net while the coach refills.

The cradle strings are height-adjustable, and the system is ideal for young beginners but also for wheelchair tennis players. 

And it's versatile. In a coaching setup, you could have a pair hitting over the net, and two learners using the helicopters at either end of the net practising hitting all at the same time. 

We’re currently adding Hitting Stations to the Tennis Foundation’s Disability Packs, as they’re a very useful coaching tool. "Just so much easier to learn to connect a racket and ball when the ball is still and suspended in front of you.”