Giant Balloon Ball | with 2 Giant 15 inch Balloons


New design

As we keep saying, balloons are brilliant for practising ball skills with young children. They float, giving time for the child to make a connection.

But nobody likes a burst balloon. So our Giant Balloon Balls are stretchy covers (now in new bright jewel colours) which protect the balloon and turn it into a fabulously robust, light and floaty ball.

A long elastic cord gives you more options for games and drills. Hold the cord and get your child to reach out and hit the balloon ball, for example. Or have your child hold the cord and bounce or kick the balloon ball.

Nobody likes tying a knot in the neck of a balloon (and using it only once), either.

Giant Balloon Balls come with an ingenious tie and neck cover, which lets you tie the balloon neck when it's inflated. No need for a fiddly knot. No need to throw the balloon away. Simply deflate and reuse!

Giant Balloon Balls also pair well with our new Tiger Paws and Leopard Paws for easy hitting practice.

  • Giant Balloon Balls come with two giant balloons, and one Giant Balloon Ball stretchy cover.

Extra or replacement balloons are available. Call us on 0161 484 5000.