Football | Toughskin Ball


As a football coach passing by as these very words were being written said (usefully): "Spot on for teaching kids - and bigger kids - how to head the ball. It takes the fear away."

A high quality foam football coated in a strong and flexible protective polyurethane skin - reputedly the toughest PU coating on the market. But its foam core means that despite being tough on the outside, it's soft and safe.

So what this gives you is an excellent soccer ball which is light (but that coating adds sufficient weight that you can direct the ball well) and low impact.

And because it doesn't sting on contact, it's ideal for teaching ball skills. 

And since it doesn't hurt if it accidentally hits where it shouldn't, it's a great choice for playgrounds and family gardens too.

Mixed colours.

Size 4

Age: 3+