Classic Garden Set
with 6m Net

£165.00 £137.50


A full-size portable Badminton Net System gives this Badminton Set extra clout, if you've got the space.

    • 4 Sting 100 Badminton Rackets (26"/66cm)
    • Tube of 6 Shuttles
    • 1 drawstring Racket Bag
    • 1 portable Badminton Net System (20'/6m)

Robust frame UK-built to Zsig's usual high standard from weather-protected steel. Raised net height at side poles is 1.55m (standard Badminton height).

Classic frames give you:

  • Solid, built-to-last construction
  • Weather-protected steel
  • Thicker gauge tube
  • Customised toughened bungee cord thoughout
  • Clips & bungee net tensioning
  • Zsig patented shoulder design
  • Top quality, knotless thick-gauge net
  • Length: 6m
  • Height at side poles: 1.55m
  • UK-made by Zsig

 Repair and spares service available for all Zsignets. Call Zsig.