Badminton | Coaching Set 3 | with 6m Net


This is the big one, designed for a class of 24 players. Full-size portable Badminton net system, regulation height at the side poles, 24  full-size coaching Badminton rackets in a handy racket bag, 4 tubes of shuttles, Throw Down Lines, Race Tape and a strudy Equipment Holdall to store it in.

Throw Down Lines are rubberised temporary line markers which allow you to mark out a court area or training area. Bevelled edges for safety, and testurised underside for extra grip. Race Tape is one of those indispensible items you need in your coaching bag.

Badminton Coaching Set 2 gives you:

  • 1 portable Badminton Net System (6m) in carry bag
  • 24 Sting 100 Badminton Rackets
  • 4 Tubes of 6 Shuttles
  • 1 Set Throw Down Lines (24)
  • 1 Roll Race Tape
  • 1 Equipment Holdall

The robust frame is UK-built to Zsig's usual high standard from weather-protected steel. Raised net height at side poles is 1.55m (standard Badminton height)

  • Solid, built-to-last construction
  • Weather-protected steel
  • Thicker gauge tube
  • Customised toughened bungee cord thoughout
  • Clips & bungee net tensioning
  • Zsig patented shoulder design
  • Top quality soft, tangle-free knotless thick-gauge net
  • Length: 6m
  • Height at side poles: 1.55m
  • UK-made by Zsig

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