Badminton | Classic Zsignet 10 | 3m Net


This is a neat, easy size Badminton Net system which gives you Badminton wherever you want - a great size for gardens, but also for sports halls and school gyms.
A 3m frame is very easy to handle by a single individual, sets up in minutes, and folds away into its shoulder bag. The bag also has an outside pocket to hold the net when folded.
A Classic frame is coaching-standard, so more robust - designed for heavy every-day use, using thicker-gauge weather-resistant silver steel and clip to bungee tensioning.
All frames now incorporate our custom-made toughened bungee cord. 
We make the net in quality soft, tangle-free netting, with a UV-resistant headband.
Raised net height at side poles is 1.55m (standard Badminton height). Also available at full Badminton length (6m).

 Check out these features:

  • New weather-proofing with an anti-corrosion galvanised and passivated steel frame
  • Thicker gauge steel wall
  • Unique sturdy, patented-design shoulder joints for stability
  • UV-resistant headband
  • Top-quality, knotless netting
  • Zsig's customised toughened bungee cord holding all frame pieces together
  • Length 3m
  • Height at side poles: 1.55cm
  • UK-made by Zsig

Speedy repairs, reconditioning and replacement parts available on all Zsignets! We collect & return, usually in a couple of days. Contact Zsig.

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