Mini Tennis | Green Stage | Green Dot Balls | Dozen (12)


Mini Tennis Balls 25% slower than a full-pace tennis ball for controlled play on the full court.

  • Reduced pace for controlled play, but designed for use on a full sized tennis court
  • Recommended racket size: 25"-26"
  • Age 9-10 (Green Stage 1) coaching
  • Excellent ball for all age starter players

    Green Dot mini tennis balls are designed for the LTA's Green Stage and the ITF's Stage 1, which means they're slower paced mini tennis balls designed for easier control -  and easier coaching over the length of a full-size tennis court.

    We produced Green Dot balls to give you a choice of cosmetics. Coaching adults with Green stage 1 balls is very effective, and the 'dot' series is popular where coaches prefer the ball to resemble a standard yellow tennis ball, and yet be distinct enough to be separated out.

    Enter quantity in dozens. Also available in 5-dozen bags, 8-dozen buckets and cartons of 10 dozen.