Zsignet 14
4.3m Net

£66.00 £55.00


A 4.3m length (14') Badminton net frame, which gives enough net space for doubles but is a handier size than the full 6m doubles Badminton frame for many gardens. Standard Badminton height at the side poles.

Fully portable, packs into its own carry bag, and very easy to pack away and store.

What's different about Zsig's portable Badminton frames? We designed the originals, and we make them ourselves, here in the UK, from high-grade steel and superior quality materials. We're constantly improving and re-designing - note our new, coloured 'shoulder' joints, patented and produced here in the UK, too. We make all our own nets here, too - and we check each one to make sure it fits the frame!

The 4.3 is an 'economy' frame, which means that it's excellent quality, with the same robust shoulder joints, but designed for family use. Classic Zsignets are our range designed for coaching, and so we expect them to take heavy wear and tear at Clubs and in schools. We build them with a higher specification, using a thicker walled steel tube.

We have designed this net system for Badminton or Volleyball. You can lower the net down the frame for 'mini badminton', but if you're looking for a truly multifunctional net frame including Mini Tennis, head over to our Multisports Nets.

4.3 Zsignet Badminton:

 Very easy to set up, and packs away in minutes. Comes packed in a sturdy carry bag.

  • Bungee cord through the frame provides net tensioning
  • Solid, built-to-last construction in weatherprotected steel
  • Zsig patented tube shoulder design for stability
  • Quality knotless, tangle-free net
  • Made by Zsig in the UK
  • Length: 4.3m
  • Height at side poles: 1.55m

Repairs, reconditioning and replacement parts available on all Zsignets. Contact Zsig.