Ball Rolling Ramp


Our latest version of of our Ball Rolling Ramp is an even more flexible and useful piece of kit. It's also stronger. 

And now sold with a pair of clip-on side poles.

Our Ball Rolling Ramp is a light, folding ramp with a target catching net, designed for fun games and drills - to teach early ball skills, and with relevance to inclusive groups, too.

It can also be made into a fun, competitive game for individual players or teams of all ages.

Our new model comes in a metal frame, which is strong, folds easily and sets up really fast to give you both a ramp target and a standing floor target.  The clip on side rails, which can be added or removed to lessen or increase the level of difficulty.

The target at the top of the ramp is a fixed catching net.

As players gain experience and confidence, have them stand further away from the base of the ramp. You can also try using it in combination with numbered or lettered Throw Down Spots or Throw Down Lines to mark distances or add in number / letter games.

Weighs 0.5KG.