Paddleball Uno | Yellow


Paddleball Uno Yellow

Challenge your reactions and coordination! Paddleball is fast, rhythmic, develops coordination skills - and is great fun (for kids of all ages, 8+).

Whereas old-school wooden Paddles often splinter or break, or the string breaks and can't be re-attached, Paddleball Uno has definitely raised the game.

Made of tough, high-quality flexible polycarbonate, it's built to last, with a ridged handle for added grip.

Where Paddleball Uno also scores is in its ball and string arrangement.  No stapling of the string to the board here - the string is threaded through a small hole in the centre of the paddle, which means it's very simple to re-attach it. And the handle has a handy ball storage hole, so everything packs away neatly, minimising breakage.

The string is also threaded through the ball - another simple development which means a lot. If your string breaks, simply re-thread.

Plenty of string length, too. Beginners are recommended to start with a short string and increase as your skills develop.

Comes packaged, with paddle, ball, string and 30 tricks booklet.

Designed for ages 8+.