Portable Mini 'Mouse' Target Trainer


A new kid on the block!

Our little Early Years target trainer mouse has a catching net, and two sticky velcro 'ears' which will trap an on-target tennis ball. 

It's an ideal teaching tool for early aiming and throwing practice, with lots of scope for fun ball games, before moving on to using it with a racket and ball as skills develop.

The target itself is designed to be used at any height on the frame, so it can be lowered for very young children - and lowering it gives you an additional target space, too, between 'net' and frame.

Suggested age range is children over 3 years, Tennis Tots and above. But younger children in nursery classes who can throw a ball will find it fun, too.

Folds down and sets up in minutes.The folded frame is held securely in place by an elastic and velcro strap, and fits neatly into a carry bag.

Works really well with our Bounce Back Hitting Tee.

Made in the UK by Zsig.

Size: Height 118cm x Width 50cm x Base Legs 44cm