Mini Tennis | Early Years Garden Set | with 1.8m Net


**Currently shipping with a limited edition rainbow net!

A new Mini Tennis Set designed for the littlest would-be players. And it might be cute and adorable and weigh only 3kg, but this little Zsignet has just the same high-quality build as its big brothers.

At 184cm length and 66cm height, the net frame is small enough to use indoors at home, great fun on the lawn in the summer, and really easy to put up, take down and carry around.

Two 17 inch Mini Tennis rackets in the set, plus two soft, safe foam balls.

But don't stop there - the net is versatile, and for teaching early skills (or just having fun) it works very well with Balloon Balls, for throwing and catching or volleying over the net, and with our Leopard and Tiger Paws for hitting practice, too. Especially for the youngest children who will need to work towards using a racket.

Comes with carry bag.

  • Solid, built-to-last construction in weatherprotected steel
  • Top quality soft, tangle-free knotless thick-gauge net
  • Zsig's patented shoulder joints in bright yellow
  • Length: 1.84m
  • Height: 66cm
  • UK-made by Zsig

Repairs, spare parts and reconditioning service available on all Zsignets. Call Zsig on 0161 484 5000.

Age: 3+