Mini Tennis | Red Stage | SLOcoach Big Red Balls | Bucket of 6 Dozen (72)


  • Larger-sized (70mm diameter) low compression tennis ball used on a Mini Tennis court
  • LTA Red Stage. ITF Play and Stay Stage 3.
  • Official ITF Approved Ball

We designed our SLOcoach Big Red Mini Tennis ball, in terms of weight and bounce, for the LTA's Red Stage and the ITF's Stage 3 Mini Tennis coaching programmes.

How much bigger is it? At 70mm, it's roughly ten percent bigger than a standard tennis ball. With a greater target hitting area and controlled bounce, SLOcoach Big Red enables learners to achieve more, more quickly.

Which is why we say that it may be just a bit bigger. But for learners, it's a whole lot better.

Buy 6 dozen (72 balls) in a FREE sturdy coach's bucket for an excellent discounted price.

Also available to buy in dozens, in a 60-ball bag, and an 120-ball carton.