Portable Large Rebound Trainer

£69.00 £57.50


Large 'pop up' Rebound Net designed for use with all types of tennis ball, and a great choice for coaches on the move, or clubs and schools using space for multiple activities. It's really quick and easy to set up, pack away and transport, and takes up very little space in, say, your car boot - or club store room.

Despite its portability, the frame is stable and will take the pace of a tennis ball. The net provides a large target area, and we've marked full-size tennis net height across the net itself. Rebound pace is medium.

There's an elasticated strap on the frame which will hold it all together in a neat bundle (wrap it around the frame when the frame is in use). Comes with a carry bag.

Made in the UK by Zsig.

Size: Height 170cm x Width 178cm x Base Legs 93cm