Mini Tennis | Red Stage | Matchplay 9cm Balls | Dozen (12)

SKU: BA-MP9-12

  • Durable, high density 9cm cut foam ball
  • Superb performance
  • LTA Red Stage. ITF Play and Stay Stage 3

Matchplay 9cm are durable, high-density cut foam Mini Tennis balls with excellent performance characteristics. At  9cm diameter, this ball is larger than the official 8cm Mini Tennis ball diameter used in tournaments. So why choose a 9cm Matchplay ball? If you're looking for a larger sponge ball to give learners an easier hitting target - with the advantage, too, that it will be slightly heavier and therefore more wind-resistant.

Like all Matchplay cut foam Mini Tennis Balls, the bounce is excellent and regular - even on grass. Which means it's also great choice for gardens.

Compatible with the LTA's Red Stage Mini Tennis Coaching Program, and the ITF (International Tennis Federation) Stage 3 coaching system.

Buy here in dozens.

Also available in handy net ball carrier bags of 48 balls.