Mini Tennis | Mixed Class Pack of 24 Rackets | 21, 23 & 25 inch


DISCOUNT 25% off single racket price, plus a free equipment holdall.

Teaching set of 24 bright, light Mini Tennis Rackets of mixed sizes - eight each of 21 inch, 23 inch and 25 inch rackets (but we can customise your pack sizes, if you prefer - choose our Customised Pack here). 

The Coaching Equipment Holdall it comes in is quality, too.  It's sturdy, with a comfortable padded shoulder strap and padded handle grip.

Our Mini Tennis Rackets range in size from 17 inch to 25 inch, covering the  LTA's Blue to Green Mini Tennis coaching stages, and the International Tennis Federation's 1-3 stage coaching program.

Really great quality rackets - O-beam in construction, head-light in balance and comfortable PU grips.

Sold without headcovers.