Mini Tennis
Orange Stage
Orange Dot Balls
Bucket of 8 Dozen (96)

£96.00 £80.00

DISCOUNT 20% off per dozen price, plus free ball bucket.


50% slower than a tennis ball and ideal for starter players of all ages.

  • Low energy tennis ball with slower and lower bounce, designed for a 18m x 6.5m court
  • Players aged 8 to 10 (and starter players of all ages)
  • LTA Orange stage, ITF Play and Stay Stage 2
  • Offical ITF Approved Ball

Orange Dot Mini Tennis balls are exactly the same as our SLOcoach Orange Mini Tennis Balls, apart from the cosmetics. Orange Dot look more like a standard tennis ball (and less like a children's tennis ball) and so are popular with tennis coaches teaching adult learners.


Also in bags of 60 balls,  and in cartons of 120 balls at further discount.