Hac Sac

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We went for these because they're brightly coloured, handmade Guatemalan items, and we loved the texture and the weight. Read on.

They're Hacky Sacks. What is Hacky Sack? Here we quote the Urban Dictionary:

"A Hacky Sack is a small bag filled with pebbles or beads which is used to play a game with your feet. The object is to keep the bag in the air and off the ground for as many hits as possible and try to have everyone in the hack circle to hit it at least once. Once you are good enough, you may attempt tricks such as around the world, ankle breaker, up and over, etc."

We love them, also, as very kind juggling balls. Trainee juggling balls. 

They're interesting, they're not made of plastic, and we think you'll love them, too.