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£20.41 (£17.01 exc. VAT) Approx. €25.66 or $29.11 US


Product Details

Handytrim might pack away into a bag not much bigger than an ipod, but it also packs a mean punch.

Designed by a tennis coach and winner of a prestigious ISPO Fitness Award, Handytrim develops tone and strength in the major muscles of the upper body - and, because it's so compact and easy to carry around, there's really no excuse not to use it.

Handytrim consists of two ring handles and a sliver disc, mounted on a cord. The principle is ingeniously simple: simply rotate the aluminum disc using the twisted cord.

To keep the disc in motion, pull the cord rhythmically some 30 to 50 times in 30 seconds, much like spinning a horizontal yo-yo.

Handytrim tones the entire upper body, firming up muscle tissue and training the large pectoral muscles and triceps.

Comes with black drawstring carry bag, intruction DVD and a training guide.

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