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Saturn Blue Diamond

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Astrojax Saturn Blue Diamond  is the Astrojax which comes out to play at night. Two extra-bright blue LEDs create dazzling light patterns and trails - light art - in the dark. 

Each Saturn Blue Diamond ball features two extra bright blue LEDs that create dazzling light patterns when you play. Choose between two light settings: 'continuous' mode creates linear trails of light  while 'disco' gives a strobe effect,  for sparkling light traces.

String is neon orange, so if you're able to play under black light you'll get a laser effect.

Astrojax Saturn sports the same patented construction with precision-machined metal weights and durable polycarbonate shells as Astrojax V-Max  but  has a specially tailored chip inside with replaceable batteries (included).

Each set of Blue Diamond comes with a trick sheet and an Astrojax Docking Station, useful for storing and carrying your Astrojax.

And so you need never be parted.


 Astrojax Saturn showing off its light effects here:


Want more information on caring for your Astrojax Saturn? There's a useful guide here.