Two Scoops


Two scoops, please!

It looks like a double scoop ice-cream (which is fun in itself, for kids), and it's a great toy for practising hand-eye coordination.

Here's a little history. Cup and Ball came to the UK from France, where it was called bilbocquet. In 1767, Cup and Balls were advertised for sale in the New York Journal. Both adults and children played with the toys at seventeenth century French, Italian and Spanish courts. And in India, it was well known that the game was excellent for training the eye and the hand.

Antique sets can be ornate (Queen Victoria owned some splendid examples), but Two Scoops is pleasingly simple in design, and carved in wood.

How do you play it? The object of the traditional game is to throw the ball and catch it in the cup, and, as you develop skill, catch it on the point of the stem.

Two Scoops has two balls and some hidden secrets. There are magnets on each of the balls, a magnetic base to the 'cone' and a magnet inside the cup. So catching the ball in the cone and on the base easier for beginners. The second stage is to catch the second ball on the base while the first is in the cup. And the third (and hardest) is to catch the second ball on the first!

Made in Italy from FSC certified wood. Stylish packaging in FSC certified cardboard.

  • Develops coordination
  • Ideal travel game
  • Perfect for family competitions

Contains: wooden cone, with two coloured magnetic balls attached to a string.


Age: 6+ (to adult)