Plui Raincloud | Water Toy


This is a concept and a design so perfect that we find it completely irresistible. Who, honestly, wouldn't want a cloud or two decorating their bathroom, small children in the house or not? Not us, that's for sure.

And look how simply it works. You fill the cloud with water by immersing it. Holding a finger over the nozzle keeps the rain in the cloud. Taking your finger off the nozzle lets air enter, and the rain falls - and it's great fun to switch the flow on and off.

Who knew a first lesson in physics could be this stylish?

The Raincloud is made of hard, durable ABS plastic, and comes apart into two pieces for cleaning. As you'd expect, the packaging is equally well-designed.

Go know you want one.

Age: 2+

 Plui concept at play