Domino Tulips


A game of dominoes. But don't put the dominoes away in a  boring old box. One set builds into four beautiful tulip stems, which fit into a base stand, waiting to be crowned by four elegantly turned yellow tulip heads. 

It's a stunning idea: it's all delicately crafted and coloured, the tulips look fabulous - and, what's more, the tulip 'leaves' glow in the dark. Design perfection.

Ideal for number games and dexterity skills as well as traditional domino games.

Made in Italy from sustainable FSC certified wood, and packed in a stylish FSC certified cardboard box.

Age: 5+

Contents: one base stand, four storage stem sticks, 28 domino pieces, four tulip flower heads

Height: 37cm

Dominoes can be played by 2-4 players.